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Please know that all students interested in working on the festival will be considered for an Arts Management Internship. You DO NOT need to be majoring in Arts Management to be considered for one of the Arts Management Internship position.

Serving as an Arts Management intern for the KCACTF Region I Festival provides the student with valuable exposure to the “real” working world and the opportunity to work with professionals in the industry. The interns will work on clearly defined projects that focus on different aspects of Arts Management, under the direction of an experienced Arts Administrator who also serves as a mentor. When selecting the interns to work in the various areas of the festival, The Arts Management, Chair for Region I will attempt to match the interests and personal goals of the students, for example, working with the MTI, Irene Ryan Auditions, etc.

The primary learning goals for the internship are:

1. To acquire hands-on experience in arts management.
2. To explore and create new professional networking opportunities.
3. To be given the opportunity to apply conceptual knowledge and skills to the work environment.
4. To experience the challenges and successes of efficiently and effectively working within a complex organization.
5. To "learn by doing."

KCACTF views internship experience as valuable, particularly if the student does a good job and acquires a strong letter of recommendation from the organization. Internships also provide students with the opportunity to network and make connections that may lead to a future full-time, paid position within the arts management field.

Developing a resume is an important part of preparing for a career in Arts Management. The resume should present the student's professional experience and educational background so that it will demonstrate the student's potential as either an intern or an employee. Working as an intern provides the student with a resume credit that states “Arts Management Internship, Kennedy Center-American College Theatre Festival, Region I” which helps increase chances for future employment. Interns will be assigned regular work hours and tasks and should be allowed to observe what goes on in the organization. Interns are expected to dress and behave in a professional manner.

The Arts Administration
Internship Application

Please send your letter of interest, the name of your school, your contact information and the name and email address of a faculty reference to:

Vana Trudeau vtrudeau@capecod.edu and Jennifer Ouellette irene_ryans@yahoo.com

Deadline to apply is December 2.

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