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Region 1 / Festival 50

Western Connecticut State University
January 30th - February 4th, 2018

KCACTF Region 1 Irene Ryan Nomination Form

Please complete the Online Nomination form for each Irene Ryan Candidate.

Please notify the Irene Ryan Coordinator here of any changes to your Candidate's status.

First Name

Last Name

A Student at (College/University name):

The Nominee appeared in the role of:

In our production of:

At the time of the production, the nominee was a bona fide student in one of the following catagories :

Graduate - (A graduate student enrolled for at least 3 semester or 4 quarter hours)

Undergraduate - (An undergraduate enrolled for at least 6 semester or 9 quarter hours)

Cont/Part Time - (A continuing part-time student enrolled in a regular degree or certification program)

Name of Production Director :

Name of Department Chair :

*The two individuals named above vouch that the information on this form is accurate and true.

Faculty Coach/Coordinator/Contact email address :

Faculty Coach/Coordinator/Contact name :

*Nominee's Email Address:

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