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Region 1 / Festival 50

Western Connecticut State University
January 30th - February 4th, 2018


To be eligible for any student playwriting award, an undergraduate must carry a minimum of 6 semester hours (or equivalent quarter hours), while a graduate must carry 3 semester hours (or equivalent quarter hours). Undergraduate, graduate, and continuing part-time student playwrights must be matriculating, degree-seeking students. It is expected that work on the new play will have begun during the period the student is so enrolled.

Students in on-line courses may submit ten-minute and one-act plays within the region they reside, providing they confirm that they carry the required 6 semester hours of credit when the play was written.

If a school has any associate or participating entry, the school may enter as many original plays for reading awards as it wishes, but no more than two per student per category. A “category” means a maximum of two 10-minute plays, two one-act plays, and two full-length plays allowed per student, a total of six in all.

The exceptions to the above rules are for the David Mark Cohen Award and the National Student Playwriting Award. To qualify, each entered play must have received full productions at the submitting institution and be itself registered as a Participating production or Associate production. In addition, each new play registered as a Participating production will be considered for regional and national festival presentation.

The remainder of the awards are considered reading awards: no production of the play is necessary to be considered for these awards.

Please note that any one play may qualify for more than one award. Please read through all the award qualifications to see if your play can be submitted for more than one award. As with any portion of this process, if there are questions please contact the NPP Chair for Region One at: npp.chair.region1@gmail.com

A new play or musical may be a collaboration, an adaptation, a company-written play, or a play based on factual materials but may not be a translation. To be eligible, adaptations from other works must include written permission for works under copyright and must involve substantial changes in form and/or expression.

A full-length play is defined as either one major work or two or more shorter works written by the same playwright, based on a single theme, or encompassed within a unifying framework.
In all cases, the entry must provide a full evening of theater-approximately one and one-half hours or longer, including intermissions.

If the play has been produced, the production must be presented during the period of the student’s enrollment, or within one full year after his or her enrollment ends.

Very Important: If your play is chosen to be read at the regional festival, you must be able to attend the entire festival week. Your active participation in the process is crucial. If you are unable to attend, your play will be taken out of consideration, and an alternate substituted.

The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, part of the Rubenstein Arts Access Program, is generously funded by David and Alice Rubenstein.

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